Clinics located in Port Colborne & Ridgeway

Why “Team-based Care” is the BEST care

Here at Niagara South Family Medicine, we participate in team-based care. In addition to your own Family Physician, there are many others who will be providing care to you.

Team-Based Care

We also work closely with:

  • Your pharmacist
  • Home and Community Care Providers
  • Hospital and community-based medical and surgical specialists

We are part of the South Niagara Family Health Organization, and our partner physician is Dr. Vincent Susini (offices in Ridgeway and Welland). Given the complexity of medical care, and the wide variety of diseases, problems and issues that are managed in Family Medicine, each of those team members plays an essential role in the care of our valued patients.

A supportive Family Medicine team provides better access to care, keeps patients at home longer, reduces wait times and backlogs for care, eases the strain on hospitals, and improves the lives of our patients, their family and their caregivers.