Clinics located in Port Colborne & Ridgeway

Physiotherapy and Chiropractors

There are many terrific sports and rehab specialists in Port Colborne, here are some helpful links to get in touch with some teams to help you optimize your health. If any of your specialists would like to collaborate with our office, please reach out to us and we would be pleased to help better your care!


Memory Clinics

Phone Number: 905-835-9817

Diet and Exercise Programs

Smoking Cessation

Sexual Health Clinics

  • Niagara Region Sexual Health Centre
    • Clinics are located in Welland, Niagara Falls, St Catharines, and Fort Erie (by appointment only)
    • Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
    • Birth control at a reduced price
    • Pregnancy testing
    • Morning after pill
    • Unplanned pregnancy options counselling
    • Free condoms
    • There are also resources for resources for Student Testing and Men’s Sexual Health

Parenting Tips

  • If you have any questions about vaccines, development, and child care please visit :
  • Call Telehealth for questions about breastfeeding, introducing food, or any other questions
  • There are a number of drop in centres for new families including our local PortCares Site

Mental Health Resources

There are many other web-based resources which can help:

Workbooks for patients:

  • The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne
  • The Anxiety Skills Workbook by Stefan Hofmann
  • Mind Over Mood by Greenburger and Padesky (for depression)
  • Overcoming Binge Eating by Christopher Fairburn

There are many private counsellors and therapist in the Niagara region. If you enter “therapists in Niagara” in your search engine, you can look for someone suitable to your needs. Many may be covered by an employee assistance program or private insurance.